Special Needs

Special Needs Insurance is another area in which I can assist you as an Arizona independent insurance agent.   Some common questions for qualifications go like this:
  1. Do you already have Medicare  Insurance?
  2. Are you under 65 years old?
  3. Are you a recipient of AHCCCS?
  4. Do you already have Medicare  as well as AHCCCS?
If some of the above questions ring with your situation,  know that I  work with insurance plans that help you with what can be some very difficult insurance choices.  I can actually help you set up a plan that has more predictable out of pocket expenses.   Who wouldn’t like to reduce the stress of unexpected medical costs?
If you are already a recipient of Medicare  and AHCCCS, I  have some wonderful,  additional benefits for you.  Special needs insurance for disabilities requires planning and strategy.
Authorizations for special services for special needs should not have to be complicated.   If you have been faced with special needs requests, then you know, at times, how much they can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you have an advocate, an insurance agent that can help you  navigate your path.
Please call to schedule your in home appointment.  Yes, I mean an in home appointment.  I come to you to discuss your personal situation.  I am happy to provide my service and explain the health insurance products that are available to you.  The opportunity for finding better special needs insurance  is yours to take.  As a compassionate and qualified independent insurance agent, I can substantially  help you improve your benefits, which means, helping to help you improve your quality of lifestyle. Call me today, if even it’s just to ask a simple question.


Patty Vieira

Your Independent Insurance Agent

Special Needs Expert






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