As an Independent Insurance Agent, Patty welcomes all feedback.    The below comments are real reviews from real clients.

Laura says:

“Patty is a top-notch professional.  She knows her products and the insurance industry as a whole. She is ethical, honest, kind, on-the-ball, and has a great personality to top it all. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a great insurance agent in their corner.”

Gary Vinneau says:

“I cannot recommend Patty highly enough. She came all the way from Chandler to Sun City TWICE to help me with my insurance needs. Then she helped me through a difficult and trying time under unique and unusual circumstances to get the policy I wanted/needed. She has the tenacity, perseverance and work ethic necessary to be successful at what she does. She was always in my corner and my best advocate for obtaining the best policy for me. “YOU GO GIRL”!

Nancy & Tony says:

“When we were making decisions for healthcare with our retirement coming up, switching from employer healthcare to medicare products, it seemed almost overwhelming. One simple call to AARP (in our case) and within a couple of days Patty was calling us back to setup an appointment! Everything we needed to know and any questions we had were explained clearing (no insurance jargin that had to be interpreted). We felt at ease right away.
p.s. don’t worry about making appts because Patty is very accommodating with time restraints of her client.”

Jennifer T says:

“I have been a client of Patty’s for well over 15 years! Her strengths are excellent customer service, a sincere heart and she is very knowledgeable about her services she offers. I love that Patty never made you feel like a number always made you feel like an individual and deeply cared. I highly recommend Patty she has taken well care of our family and that is what meant the most to me.”

Brandy R says:

“I have been a long time customer of Patty’s and have never met anyone that cares as much as she does and that is willing to bend over backwards to help people! Patty is very knowledgeable and knows her job inside and out and gets back to you with answers very quickly. She has helped me and my family extensively over the years and is a very honest and trusting person! I would definitely recommend Patty to all of my family and friends! Call Patty for all of your insurance needs, she is amazing!”
~Brandy R

Karen says:

“I have been a customer and friend of Patty’s for 25 years!
Her service in taking care of me and all my needs was impeccable! She was Very knowledgeable and she took care of it quickly and you knew you could count on her! She always went the extra mile to make sure you were happy and had No doubts about anything that all your questions were answered and that you were taken care of! I would recommend Patty, she is a Very trusting and caring person, she will do what’s right for you and take care of all your needs!
Give her a call!”
K. P.



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